What are my qualifications and experience?

I am a Certified Doula (CBI) and Certified Massage Therapist with over 15 years of experience. I am naturally empathetic, patient and trustworthy. I am an attentive listener and communicator with exceptional attention to detail. I am educated and proficient in a wide range of birthing techniques and maternity support that will help you have a relaxed and meaningful labor and delivery. Providing you and your family with professional personalized care, impeccable etiquette, emotional support and discretion are my top priority for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery. 

Luxury Doula Service supports all birth plans, vaginal births un-medicated or with epidural and other pharmacological relief, water births, cesarean birth, VBACs, multiples, breast and bottle feeding and postpartum assistance for new mothers and their families. In addition to traditional labor and delivery, I also support high risk pregnancies, infertility treatments and still birth. 

Why are Doulas needed in Modern Birthing Environments?

Medical professionals (Doctors, Nurses and Hospital Staff) have demanding jobs and are there to ensure that all laboring mothers and babies are medically cared for and safe. Maternity care is not primarily focused on the “birth experience” but more so on the “birth outcome”. Medical facilities and providers simply can not offer the personalized care and support that women need during this special time which can often leave mothers and their partners anxious and uncertain.

 At Luxury Doula, I go beyond serving as your birth Doula, I am your personal assistant before, during and after your labor and delivery, I will assist you in preparing for the optimal birth by helping you with pregnancy organization, birthing education and personal support, simply tell me what you need and I make it happen. I am dedicated to making your entire experience more comfortable, meaningful and organized. I work exclusively for you, giving you the personalized attention, one on one care and emotional support you need throughout your entire pregnancy, delivery and postpartum recovery. 

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