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This is a time for us to meet, discuss your needs and expectations and determine if I am the right Doula for you. You can also review my service contract and confidentiality agreement.Your contract can be customized to fit your needs if additional support and services are desired.

Three Prenatal Visits

Communication and trust is the foundation of Doula care, these meetings are focused on getting to know you and having open discussions about your birth plans and how I can assist you in preparing for an exceptional birth experience. We discuss your concerns and preferences, create a personalized birth plan (if desired), review laboring options, your personal comfort and care preferences or anything else you might want to explore or review.

On-Call Services

I’m officially on-call for you, I do not overlap clients so you can be assured that I will be there for you. This means that I don’t leave town, my cell phone is on me at all times and I answer my phone 24 hours a day. 

Unlimited Phone, Text & Email Support

When you need me, I will promptly reply. It’s very important to know that a compassionate, knowledgeable and trustworthy Doula is just a phone call away. I will listen and thoughtfully assist you with all of your labor & delivery needs.

At Home Labor Support

If you would like to labor in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible, my presence can be reassuring. I will help you feel calm and comfortable with the labor process. I will help you monitor your labor progression so you can determine when it’s time to transition to the hospital or birthing facility.

Continuous Labor & Birth Support 

I’m with you throughout your labor and delivery. I offer my support in a variety of ways including catering to your personal needs, massage therapy, comfort care, physical and emotional encouragement, labor progression techniques, support for your birth partner, and advocating for your labor and birth preferences.

Photos Of The Day Your Child Is Born

If desired, and when I am not needed in other ways, I’m delighted to take photos or home videos during labor, birth, and/or just after your baby is born so that you can have visual memories of this incredible life transition.

Immediate Postpartum Support

After your baby is born, I stay with you at the hospital for 1-2 hours to assist you and facilitate family bonding.

Two Postpartum Home Visits

 Upon request, I will come to your home and offer transitional support to help you physically recover and care for your new baby. Emotional and logistical support, assisting with breast or bottle feeding, answering newborn care questions, discussing your transition into parenthood, or anything else you need assistance with. 

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